Interactive Inflatables Are Very Popular Rental Items

DeluxeCastleInflatableComboAre you thinking about investing in an inflatable party rental business? Are you launching an indoor family play center? Or just trying to get that extra edge over your competition? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you. As one of the leading manufacturers of top quality inflatables, we have helped a great number of customers take their party rental business one stage further by supplying safe, attractive, competitive inflatable party rentals at an economical price. Let’s take a look at our success factors.


We consider safety as our topmost priority mainly because cute little ones are involved. The amount of lead in the vinyl we use is less than 100 ppm, which complies with the standards and guidelines for consumer product safety established under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Also, we make sure that hazardous phthalates prohibited in the US aren’t present in the raw material we use. We have introduced many safety features like sun shades and safe netting that will help keep children from getting hurt.

Innovative and Custom designs

We have created countless custom designed bouncers, giant slides and balloons, inflatable water slides and space walks for clients worldwide. We design inflatable playgrounds and obstacle courses to suit any party theme which help create a special environment in the gathering. So, set yourself apart from the competitors with fantastic custom inflatables. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life.


We understand that an awesome looking design does not mean much if the quality is not up to standard. This is exactly why we use only the finest 18-oz vinyl materials on all our commercial grade inflatables. We double-stitch each and every seam and also use seam reinforcements that gives nearly 6 rows of stitches on the high-stress areas and mattresses.

Countless Varieties

An inflatable waterslide is certainly a favorite choice for everyone during the summer, so make sure you leverage the demand and add waterslides to your collection. An outdoor obstacle course will catch the attention like no other, so you can include obstacle courses as well to promote your events. Bounce houses – It all started here. If you run any kind of inflatable entertainment business, whether indoor play center or party rentals, you definitely need an inventory of our innovative bounce houses.

Also, interactive inflatables are very popular rental items nowadays and really are a fun addition to any party. We have a number of sports inflatables like basketball, football, baseball, soccer and interactive games to fulfill any competitive event. Apart from these inflatables, we also manufacture other party essentials like tents, chairs and tables. Combined with detailed images, we provide complete technical specifications and full dimensions for each and every product.

All our products are made to last over time, both in life as well as style. Each product that’s produced is inflated and then inspected before shipping to ensure a quality item is delivered to our clients. Right from the start to the end of the production line, all of our inflatable party rental items are proudly manufactured in our own factories.